Oscar Suits

How many times it has happened with you that you are watching Oscar awards and have stuck to your tv screens just by seeing the Oscar suits of Miles Teller, Theo Jamez, Ansel Elgort and Tom Cruise. Well it’s your dream desire, isn’t it? to dress up in posh coat pant or designer suit for men. Here at Indiabazaaronline we have curated some of the best red carpet Oscar suits for you. These designer suits for men are designed exclusively for occasions like wedding functions and office meetings. Not only this here we also provided your dream tuxedo suit along with the matching shirt, vest and tie. So, now get ready to dress up in the red carpet Oscar suit style.



Difference between A Designer Suit and Tuxedo

There is not much difference between a designer suit and a tuxedo, the only difference is the presence of satin. The presence of satin in the pocket line, buttons line, lapels and a satin side stripe makes tuxedo a very posh and elite men wear. Suits for men usually don’t have the any satin fabric.