Lehenga Skirt Styles

Umbrella Lehenga/Circular Lehenga :

This is how the Indian traditional lehenga choli used to be, its an ever green design. The skirt, as the name suggests is in umberalla cut having lots of flair at the bottom. This type of lehenga generally suits all the body types. View Collection


Mermaid Lehenga :

This type of lehenga is tight from the waist till the knees and then there is a huge flare from knee to down the bottom till the ankle. This type of cut is more suitable for a slim body type. View Collection



Fish Tail Lehenga :

There is just a slight difference between the mermaid and fish tail lehenga and that is of the trail that follows in A-line lehenga.  Otherwise it looks just like a fish cut tight fitted till the knee and then huge flared to the bottom.  View Collection



A-Line Lehenga :

As the name suggests this type of lehenga gives a look similar to how the alphabet A look. A little loose fitted in the waist part and flared in the bottom. View Collection


Straight Cut :

These types of ghagra don’t have much flare in the skirt and it is straight from the waist with a minute flare at the bottom. Undoubtedly this one is latest in fashion these days and the best part is that it looks good on any type of body, be it thin or fat. Due to the parallel fit till the bottom it looks more trendy and stylish. View Collection


Ready To Wear Skirt :

The ready to wear skirts are like rapron.  View Collection