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Hollywood’s Obsession with Indian Drape

Posted on 7th Dec 2011 @ 12:49 PM

After a long journey saree has become a global phenomenon. Its earthiness and simplicity has won the oodles of compliments. And having crossed over the seven seas it causes the interracial romance. Yes, nobody could resist the love affair of Hollywood with Sari. And Hollywood damsels like- CAMERON DIAZ, KATY PERRY, ANGELINA JOLIE, NAOMI CAMPBELL AND VICTORIA have flashed their feminine wiles in this Indian national costume [saree].
Actually INDIA has been a wizard’s basket for every one since a long time. Its culture, religion, food, dressings all has an ethereal sense. Therefore nobody can fend off from its colorful magic. Recently Hollywood got obsessed with this layered garb. Although, the Hollywood’s fixation for INDIA is not new. Actress, ANGELINA JOLIE [dating with BRAD PITT] has been visiting India since a long time. She adopted Hindu religion. JULIA ROBERTS is also practicing Hindu mantras. Many other celebs have been connected with India. They all have found India the land of substance. Like others, saree grabbed the attention among the crispy western dresses. And almost every Hollywood diva decked in saree. Recently LADY GAGA, Paris Hilton visited India. Not only LADY GAGA performed in saree but PARIS HILTON too swathed in Swarovski saree teamed with Indian make-up accessory like bindi. They all made the international statement in desi silhouette.
Usually Hollywood celebs have been trying to catch the shutterbug attention .To get the goal they do anything rare that could set them apart. Finally they choose to be a desi girl that can be possible after draping the saree. And they got accomplished to create the sensation because of this Indian symphony.