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Make the Headlines with Indian RETRO FEVER

Posted on 28th Sep 2011 @ 2:20 PM

A RIPPLE OF RETRO IS FLOWING NOT EVEN IN INDIA BUT ACROSS THE WORLD. Hollywood, Bollywood, sports persons, fashionists everybody is falling in the fever of retro. Do you know retro? Why retro has such big bang? Are you too longing to catch this fever?’ But no idea. How? Ok! Need not to be panic. Here we will discuss about RETRO FEVER.

What is retro? THE WORD”RETRO” derives from the Latin prefix “RATRO”. Its meaning is “backward” or in past time, evocative.
In term of fashion it comes for a fashion reminiscent of past. A retro connects anything that is from the past.
Retro style: retro clothing is delectable as well as affordable. It bestows a chance to live in that yesteryears which we didn’t breathe. Yes! You can feel the style passion of 70’s-80’s if you carry the retro style. The style of retro is nostalgic. Its dressing stuff, makeup, hairdos, accessories and attitude everything has a caress of bohemianism. So if you are keenly dreaming to be out of norm then retro is the right choice for you .so chase the retro vogue. It’s hot.                                                                                                        

Retro dressing: one of the most exciting phases of retro dressing is its sense of diversity. You can fallow any one of them. Any trend related to the iconic era of 70’s or 80’s like fitted silhouette, vibrant color palette and quirky attitude all reflects the retro dressing. For the girls satin scarf, head band, skinny legging, tote bags with floral and dotted dresses all including retro dressing. Satin, chiffon, organza all gave the perfect silhouette to those golden decades. And for boys bellbottom pants, skinny tights, short leather jackets and broad belts all set the retro look. Remember one thing that retro is all about brightness of colors, sensuality, simplicity and fashionable in same time. There is no any pet rule to carry the retro. You can try any retro stuff but choose some of them. Need not to ape retro totally. Choose retro styled top teamed with contemporary legging jeans, definitely it will work. Actually retro dressing is something demure yet seductive.

Retro Make-up: Make up can add a new dimension to your look if wear it carefully. You need not to spend many hours for makeup. Retro make up is so simple that can be easily applied without bursting the bank. You have to fallow some tips.-as retro sounds sense of bohemia, freedom then brightness, liberty should reflect in your make up. As for eyes-golden, silver, metallic eyeshades, fine coat of liner and kajal. For lips- apply balm, lipstick color should be bright and bold. Actually retro look is recommended for those bold ones who desire uniqueness. So try orange, red. If you dare not to try these seductive shades then you can wear some muted bright shades like pink.

Accessories: Without accessories any look is incomplete .accessories enhances your confidence if chosen carefully. And for retro accessory you can pick some large shaped eye wears they can be colorful. Like blue, red, yellow white etc. some tote bags or silver golden clutch purses, pearl ornaments, pencil heel footwear will be subtle for girls. At that time laced gloves were so popular.

One more thing, don’t forget wearing the perky attitude that is the soul of retro look.

After viewed all retro dressing you would have determined to catch this fever. But the dilemma is that! How? Don’t worry. you have some options. One of them is online shopping. If you choose online shopping then indiabazaaronline is best. Here everything is specially made for its special customers. Indian culture is poured down in its products. Its retro collection is amazing. Its
retro saree collection and suit collection that comes in your rocking  retro texture like- chiffon, organza, raw silk and kurtis all are best example of retro look. Hurry up! And procure your retro stock and make the headline with this fever.